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Homelessness and Ready to Work Boulder

Ready to Work Boulder  Homelessness in the United States According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 20 to 25% of the homeless population in the United States suffers from some form of severe mental illness. Chronic mental illness is one of the four main sub-types of homeless persons; the others being the street...
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Free and Low-cost Bicycles

Bikes Together gives free used bikes to groups of 10-15 participants that are identified by partner agencies through their Bike Distribution Program .   Bike Distribution Program  Bikes Together partners with community organizations to distribute fully-repaired bicycles. Their partners select their own group of (10-15) bike-less participa...
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Military Veteran Winter clothing giveaway and free lunch in Denver

The Veteran Service Center in Denver will be giving away Winter clothing such as hats, coats, blankets, gloves and more. This giveaway will also include a free lunch. The event is open to all military Veterans and their families. Betty Kuhl Coat Giveaway Luncheon ​ ​Location ​ ​Volunteers of America, Bill Daniels Veteran Service Center ​ ​Address ​...
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List of Support Services for the Homeless & Low-Income Families in Denver

Compilation of organizations and services available to the homeless or low-income individuals and families in Denver. Homeless Shelters in Denver & Boulder Denver Rescue Mission Lawrence Street Shelter 1130 Park Ave W, Denver CO 303-294-0157 Salvation Army Crossroads 720-305-4640 Boulder Shelter 4869 N Broadway, Boulder CO Day Shelter...
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Phone Assistance Available in Denver

Free Lifeline Phone  The United States government provides assistance getting a phone through their Lifeline program. Lifeline is the FCC's program to help make communications services more affordable for low-income consumers. Lifeline provides subscribers a discount on monthly telephone service, broadband Internet access service, or voic...
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ID Card, Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards

Places in Denver that assist individuals in obtaining documents such as identification, birth certificates, and social security cards.  Stout Street Health Center  ​​Organization ​ ​Stout St Health Center ​ ​​Stout St Health Center location ​ ​ 2130 Stout St, Denver CO ​ ​ ​Stout St Health Center phone number ​ ​​303-293-2220 ​ Holy Ghost...
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Day Labor - Temporary Employment

Ready Temporary Services  Official statement on their employment services: At the Ready Companies, we do more than just fill jobs. Community involvement is at the core of our company philosophy, whether it's political involvement to support good causes or donations to some of Denver's most respected organizations that help the city's need...
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Meal Locations

Meal locations are organized by region: the Denver Five-Points, Capitol Hill, West Denver, City Park & North-East Denver, South Denver, Highlands, Auraria Campus, and Other Regions.  Denver Five Points  ​ All Meals ​ ​Everyday 5:30 am, Noon, 6 pm ​ ​Denver Rescue Mission ​ ​1130 Park Ave West ​ ​Denver Rescue Mission Phone​ ​ ​303-294...
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Ready to Work Phone Number

ready-to-work-hoodie-ash-1920x1080 Ready to Work hoodie given to every resident in the program.
Ready to Work Boulder Phone Number    ​ (720) 356-2773 Ready to Work Aurora Phone Number ​ (720) 621-5811

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