What are We Offering?

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We have a limited number of routes available with the following parameters.

Start time is 10:00 AM

Monday through Friday


We need two drivers

Pay is $1.50 per stop

$0.58 per mile vehicle allowance.

Routes should average 90-120 stops per day.

When you are done with your stops you are done and can go home.

General Parameters for Servant Logistics Drivers.

You can start in one of our vehicles if you do not have your own.

You can work in vehicles as small as a mini-van, pick-up truck, or SUV

This will limit how many stops you can do per day but the reimbursement is the same.

After using our vehicle for a couple of weeks to determine if you are happy with your results on the route, we will work with you to advise you on how best to procure your own vehicle.

After 90 days you will be eligible for full employee benefits.

This is not the case if you are using a smaller vehicle and only working part time (less than 30 hours per week).

Good drivers should be able to earn a minimum of $15/hour.

Great drivers should be able to earn over $20/hour.

Working for a small company with growth potential opens up more avenues for future leadership positions….or you may just prefer to be a great driver.

We are not currently working Saturday or Sunday, but it would not be surprising to see extra work available during peak.

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Early Childhood Teacher (Aurora)
Order Picker Positions Available (Denver)

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