Electrician, Line Worker (many needed) - Denver and rest of CO

Colorado continues to experience major population growth, which benefits our members.

Our employers are working on a wide range of projects, from multi-family and high-rise residential projects, to commercial and industrial work. We're helping to convert coal-fired powerhouses over to natural gas. Several of our data center projects employ as many as 300 electricians.

Our line locals need every classification of line construction worker. Their employer demand is partially driven by a $10 billion highway project

Total Journeyman electrician wage and benefit package in the state ranges from the mid-$40s to the mid-$50s depending on location.

Members and their families can feel secure with employer-paid health care and retirement plans.

Come work with us in Colorado!

Colorado's Residential/Commercial/Industrial Local: Denver. Colorado Residential/Commercial/Industrial AND Line Locals: Grand Junction, Pueblo, Colorado Springs. Colorado Line Local: Denver

With just one online application form, you can apply to join any one (or more) of more than 300 Electrical Workers Locals around the US 

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