Handyman/Remodel tech for retail stores/commercial buildings (Denver metro area)

Wildwood Services LLC is looking to hire persons with strong handyman and remodel type skills.

* We offer a strong work week with lots of hrs and we pay every week on Friday. Lots of opportunity for 40+ hrs a week or just a regular 40hr week.

* We pay well for techs with strong skills in Remodeling, Electrical, and Plumbing.

* Our daily work consist of general repairs in commercial buildings for stores like Target, Fidelity, Barnes and Noble and Walgreens and many more.

* LOTS OF OPPORTUNITY for growth and ADVANCEMENT for someone with strong skills and organized and detail oriented

This is a subcontractor position and you will need a truck and your own tools. All work is paid hrly and we will set you up with a full weeks work and most techs receive over 40 hrs a week.

We pay every Friday and you work 80% of the time on your own and occasionally with a team.

* Please feel free to call or send a quick text at 720-203-0213 and I will send a few questions to start the interview.

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Drivers (Denver)
Dental Hygienist (Superior, Co)

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