Machine Operator (Englewood)

 Primary responsibilities

 Visually inspects castings during operations to ensure required and consistent quality standards
 Hand ladles molten metal into chamber of machine when operating cold-chamber machines
 Removes castings after dies open automatically, using pliers or tongs
 Places castings in holding containers or onto conveyor for additional operations
 Must dip furnace at the end of each shift
 Must be able to use calipers and interpret Manufacturing Specifications
 Must produce castings in accordance with Manufacturing Specifications

Knowledge and Experience
 Must have a high school diploma or GED
 Must have a working background related to manufacturing

Safety and Housekeeping
 Must be able to lift a 25#
 Work in safe manner to prevent injury to self and other employees
 Must keep work area clean and orderly
Must follow all safety rules and policies as set forth by Prestige Casting, Inc. guidelines as outlined in the Standard Operating

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