Avannis, a local Denver market research firm, is looking for experienced professionals with a strong work ethic who would like to work part-time from home. (Applicants must live in the states of Colorado, Arizona, Utah or Idaho). Work with a team of experienced professionals who have been doing this successfully for 20 years.

Work afternoon/evenings, 6-10 hours per week calling customers and asking for their feedback about service they received from their bank. Absolutely no sales involved. 80-90% of the people we contact are happy to provide their feedback. Successful candidates will be comfortable calling people and asking for their feedback. Our approach is professional and engaging, but never pushy and always respectful. After completing an interview, a detailed summary of the conversation is required providing insights into the customer's point of view. A typical call takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Job requirements
- Live in the states of Colorado, Arizona, Utah or Idaho
- 1-2 years experience speaking with executives and/or high value customers
- Must be willing to submit to criminal and credit background checks
- Pleasant and upbeat telephone voice and demeanor
- Proven ability to complete assignments
- Ability to read a script without sounding scripted
- Ability to listen carefully and formulate thoughtful, intelligent questions on the fly
- Strong understanding of basic retail banking products and terminology
- Organized and self motivated to complete ongoing monthly assignments
- Strong writing, spelling and grammar skills
- Strong internet navigation skills

Work from home Requirements
- Available at least 2 times a week, Monday through Friday
- A quiet room where you will not be disturbed and which is not vulnerable to outside noise
- A computer with a high-speed internet connection

- Training requires 3-4 sessions of 2 hours each and can be done completely over the phone.

- $4.50 per completed survey.
- Most interviewers complete 3-4 surveys per hour when they stay focused for 2-4 hours at a time

To apply, please send your resument together with a paragraph about what interests you about this position, how it fits with your situation, and how your background makes it a fit.

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