Tennis Coach Mentor & Fitness Focus (Arvada)

 Looking for an expert Tennis player/coach and fitness coach for our 15 year old daughter for the summer.

This opportunity is to be part COACH, part TRAINER, part MENTOR and part FRIEND.

Our daughter is 15 (freshman) and has played tennis for 5 years. Not a beginner but not a lot of match experience. Last 3 summers she has spent in overnight tennis camps plus daytime camps, plus other fitness activities. We are looking for someone that can work with her individually at least 3-4 hours a day 3-6 times per week. Our daughter wants to get into shape, lose a few pounds, improve her tennis game and stay busy this summer. We don't expect 100% time focused on tennis as she wants and needs to get into better physical shape and a workout routine and possibly light weight training will be required.

>Available 3-6 days a week 3-4 hours a day or more
>Driver's Licence and good driving record with reliable transportation
>Ability to play or workout side by side with our daughter
>Understands basics or more of aerobic workouts and strength training
>Fun, yet focused and organized
>Experience playing and or coaching younger players
>Energetic with a go, go, go mentality
>Flexible availability
>Responsible, goal oriented
>Optimistic: Sees possibilities not problems

Ideally a college student who plays tennis and has experience with coaching.

Do you have what it takes? We are willing to compensate above-average either hourly or weekly with incentives to earn more. The compensation will depend on experience and the interview, but not less than $20 an hour and more for the right candidate.

Ideally, looking for someone that is energetic and wants to make an impact and can workout and play tennis side by side... not just someone standing on the sidelines.

Directions if interested:
>Reply to this ad and introduce yourself
>Include any experience playing and coaching, mentoring
>Include any experience in physical fitness
>Include 3 things that make you a great choice
>Answer this question: How do you motivate a teenaager?
>Answer this question: What would a typical day look like with you as the coach/mentor? Week?
>What is your ideal week in terms of schedule, times and activities: Please provide outline.

We would pay additional fees for court times, YMCA membership or other facilities to help with this program.

We are looking to start ASAP through the new school year beginning in September

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A/P Accounting Assistant (Part-Time) (Denver)
Master electrician (denver)

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