Earn at least $150 a day with a working smartphone, and the ability to able to work for from 10am to 7pm! You MUST have a car that you can use daily
to get to and from work and out to locations.

Must be clean and properly dressed (casual to business casual) and outgoing and well spoken. Previous sales or customer service experience is helpful, but not required. You must be over 18, a US Citizen, and have NO felonies. You also have to have your government issued ID (driver's license, ID Card, Military ID or passport) on you in order to work, but it doesn't matter what state issued it. We will be working outside talking with people, so you must be able to talk to people easily and with a smile!

On your FIRST DAY, you'll get paid your $150 at the end of the day in cash, as long as you have worked for the full day! If you're invited to continue working, you aren't limited to only $150 per day, the harder you work, the more you'll make! And you get paid EVERY 72 HOURS (every 3 days!) and we will projects going on in other locations after this, so you if you're awesome, you may have the opportunity to travel and work with us on a longer term basis!

Call 626-598-0916 now to come out to work TOMORROW, and get some cash in your pocket!

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