The 911 Emergency Communications Center is recruiting for multiple positions to be hired for the May 2016 Training Academy. We are seeking flexible, multi-tasking individuals who can assess the priority for police, fire and emergency services through exceptional listening, and problem solving skills. Exceptional employees of the 911 ECC are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and very fast paced in nature. Employees must be able to manage very intense stressful situations to support the need of our Denver Police, Fire, EMT and Civilian Customers.

Positions available include Police Dispatcher and Emergency Communications Operator.

Successful candidates often come from a background of customer service operations in call center, retail or restaurant industries.

The Denver 911 Emergency Communication Center is a 24-hour, seven day a week operation, therefore, applicants must be willing to work the following:

  • shift work (days, swings, or graveyard)
  • weekends
  • holidays, and
  • overtime – both voluntary and mandatory with short notice
Shift Incentive Differential:
Swing shift (3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.) receives an additional 7% above the current hourly rate of pay.

Graveyard shift (11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.) receives an additional 12% above the current hourly rate of pay.

Job Responsibilities

Police Dispatcher:
The position performs dispatch work for Denver Police Department, operating, monitoring and coordinating communications equipment in response to Denver Police Department's day-to-day activities and during police emergencies. This position works closely with Dispatchers for Denver Health Medical Center and Hospitals, the Denver Fire Department, and partnering jurisdictions and municipalities. Denver's Police Dispatchers also manage the transport vehicles for Denver Sheriff's Office, Denver's Park Rangers, and coordinates with Denver's Right of Way units.

A dispatcher enters information into a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and relays the call information to the first responder which may involve direct radio communication with police officers. A dispatcher performs computer clearances and information searches for police officers, and detectives utilizing computer systems including National Crime Information System (NCIC), the Colorado Crime Information System (CCIC) and City and County of Denver court files. A Police Dispatcher is expected to support Denver Police Department's needs by providing planned and unplanned dynamic events.

A police dispatcher will provide citizens with timely call backs. By position, when trained and assigned, performs emergency/non-emergency telephone assistance to 911 callers for safety departments.
By position, when trained and certified, provides emergency medical dispatch triage and instructions over the phone using NAED EMD protocol.
Pay Range: $23.42 - $34.20 Hourly

Emergency Communications Operator:
Performs full performance emergency and non-emergency telephone assistance to individuals who are calling Denver-911 for Police, Emergency Medical Services, and/or Fire and provides emergency medical dispatch triage and instructions over the phone.

Processes a high volume of phone calls for the Police, Fire and Emergency Paramedic Departments under stressful and demanding emergency situations using the center's computerized telephone system.

Determines the Police, Fire, Medical or multi-discipline nature of the call, and if medical attention is required, immediately begins using Emergency Medical Dispatch method over the phone.

Gathers information and rapidly/accurately enters into the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system.

Works independently in interviewing the caller to accurately assess the urgency of the incident and the proper response required by Fire, Police and/or Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Performs computer clearances and information search for police officers, district attorneys and detectives utilizing computer systems including National Crime Information Center system (NCIC), the Colorado Crime Information Center system (CCIC), and City and County of Denver court files.

Utilizes excellent oral communication skills to interact with citizens who may be under stress, in crisis or who may be cognitively impaired. Provides excellent customer service demonstrating respect, problem resolution, and professionalism.

Recognizes and responds to opportunities to provide effective problem resolution to service related issues.
Pay Range: $19.60 - $28.62 Hourly

Police Dispatcher
Education Requirement: High School Diploma or GED Certificate

Experience Requirement:
One year of experience as a 911 Operator/Call Taker or Emergency Dispatcher. (for example, coming from another jurisdiction)

  • OR-
Two years of general dispatching experience. (for example, Department of Transportation or Security dispatcher)
  • OR-
One year of non-probationary experience as a paramedic on an emergency ambulance (not an air ambulance) or as a fire fighter, police officer, or military police officer.

Emergency Communications Operator
Education: High School Diploma or GED Certificate

Experience: Two years of public contact experience dealing with individual problems and applying policies, procedures, and or legal guidelines. (for example, cashier or server or call center agent)

Education/Experience Equivalency: A combination of appropriate education and experience may be substituted for the minimum education and experience requirements, on a year for year basis.

For Emergency Communications Operator and Dispatcher Candidates

Training and any required resources will be provided to you for the following:

Possession of CPR Certification before the end of academy training and successful recertification as required by the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch during the employment.

Possession of EMD Certification issued by NAED before the end of academy training and successful recertification as required by the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch.

For all positions

Must pass an initial pre-security clearance screening; obtain an OSN (Operator Security Number) from CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) through successful completion of a certification as a condition of employment. Must take and pass an on-line test every two years to maintain certification.

Additional Information
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