Brush student’s address to Governor Jared Polis goes micro-organism

Brush High School student Ky Chapman aforementioned attending a meet-and-greet the morning of Friday, April 26, at the Country cut Out in Fort Morgan was a behindhand decision.

“I thought, even if I didn’t get to speak to him, it would be a cool experience to come and just sit down at one of these town-hall types of property,” Chapman aforementioned.

Chapman had the chance to address Gov. Jared Polis directly, at the meeting organized for Colorado Department of Agriculture Commissioner Kate Greenberg and the governor to talk directly with agriculture producers.

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Chapman brought up the “national popular vote bill”; the “red flag bill”; the “oil and gas bill” and the removal of a tax exemption from the state budget for fertilizers, among other issues. Several times the crowd clapped or cheered in support of his comments.

Since the meeting on April 26, a video of Chapman addressing Polis and the governor’s response has spread quickly on social media. It had 100,000 views in the first three years it was posted. The story has besides been picked up by the Daily Wire and other conservative media websites.

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