Build Triage and Automation Engineer
  • Job Number: 43872800
  • Santa Clara Valley, California, United States
  • Posted: Oct. 21, 2015
  • Weekly Hours: 40.00
Job Summary

As part of the silicon validation team you will help build the best mobile

chips for the best mobile phones and pads. You will build SiVal software for a variety of devices, manage regression testing, coordinate the release of the software to a wide range of customers, work with internal customers, and enhance and/or develop better tools and processes. Key Qualifications
  • •Key-contributor experience in software build and source control tools (Makefiles, compiler toolchains, SDKs, git, svn)
  • •Expertise in build automation systems, continuous integration tools (buildbot, jenkins)
  • •Demonstrated ability in Unix scripting (Bash, Python, Perl, etc)
  • •Key-contributor experience in software release processes
  • •Fluency in C/C++ is a plus
  • •Self-motivation and ability to work independently, but also a strong team player
  • •Strong organizational and communication skills

This person who fills this role will work within a well-respected engineering team and be responsible for: ▪Build and release software for pre- and post-silicon environments ▪Maintain and extend infrastructure for repeatable and predictable releases ▪Ensure customers are getting the releases engineering deems most suited to their needs ▪Qualify and integrate new SDK releases in the build environment and in the user community ▪Track and integrate new releases of internal 'vendor' software ▪Revision control branching and integrating bug fixes ▪Integration into other build and release systems ▪Increase the quality of builds & releases ▪Perform triage of regression failures ▪Maintain backup and archive data



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