The Business Operations Manager reports to the CEO/COO and President and will be responsible for organizing personnel and resources of the business side of the organization to achieve the objectives of the company. Works with the senior management of the company to develop effective day-to-day plans, and works with other company personnel to ensure those goals are accomplished without delay or waste. An integral senior operational position, this person will play a critical role in the future of this dynamically growing biopharma startup. Excellent team fit, can-do attitude, and resourcefulness are a must.

We want a great cover letter or personal statement more than a perfect resume. Come ready to demonstrate that you are hungry, aggressive, and motivated!

No relocation assistance is provided.

BioPlx is an early stage biopharma startup company pioneering clinically effective microbiome therapies. The company is collecting extensive clinical data on its flagship product, currently under development, with demonstrated high efficacy in preventing the recurrence of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and other virulent strains of S. aureus. With a working platform technology, extensive intellectual property, and secure financing, BioPlx is growing, efficient, and successful.

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