Characteristics of the Creative Director:

• Digital marketing agency experience a must.
• Thinks creatively and strategically as well as be able to manage execution.
• Expert at

digital storytelling and branding with a particular focus on communicating simply and effectively.
• Leadership abilities that inspire learning and excellence among team members.
• Proven success in effectively selling award winning creative to clients.
• Evidence that candidate’s creative campaigns have resulted in strong results for clients.
• Must have built a positive reputation with colleagues and clients.
• Variety of experience in all forms of creative execution.
• A deep attention to detail and quality of deliverables.
• Effective time-management and impeccable organizational skills, along with the flexibility to adapt quickly to changes.
• High degree of drive, energy, accountability and initiative.
• 8+ years of experience in a similar field.

An average day might look like:

• Meet with creative team to review RFP ideas and get plans and decks going to respond.
• Review any immediate needs/questions from clients and any outstanding post-sale creative that needs to get done.
• Write up concept ideas for sponsored editorial for post-sale series for client approval.
• Speak to writer or videographer about an assignment and creative direction.
• Edit pieces that have come in.
• Work with VP of Brand Strategy on longer term projects, like reports or marketing collateral.
• Creatively prep for a shoot (questions, shot lists, story points, etc.).
• Work with a sales member to revise an active RFP deck due to client feedback.
• Review RFPs before they go out to sales/clients.

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