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Mass Visions is a privately-owned marketing and sales firm in the heart of Boston with an expanding Fortune 500 and Inc 500 client portfolio. Currently, we represent three of the fastest-growing enterprises in the nation.

We are opening 5 more national offices in 2016 - each run by a manager who started in the entry-level position and progressed through our Management-in-Training Program.  

We find that candidates with sports backgrounds have valuable skill sets due to their work ethic, competitive drive, and ability to win in all types of situations.

All of our positions are entry-level, allow for rapid advancement into a branch-management role, and involve working with people on a daily basis, as well being cross trained in multiple areas of business management.

Those selected will gain experience not only in sales and marketing, but also campaign management, advertising, human resources, and team development.  Work environment is also incredibly important, and we are looking for candidates who work well in a team and can contribute to an exciting and energetic environment.


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