PrimeTime is currently hiring for a Full Time position - Mon - Fri. Seeking individuals with a customer service & sales background for our Customer Service & Sales
Rep position. NO EXPERIENCE required.

We have found that candidates working in retail, restaurant, hospitality, or customer service positions are very easy to train and advance quickly in the Customer Service Rep position. We specialize in areas of customer renewal, customer retention and customer acquisition.

Our sales and marketing firm is the leader in the marketing industry and in tailoring customer service & sales to their needs. Our client wants us to deliver a face to face customer service experience. We do this by taking care of the existing customer base and providing personal care with new customers.

It is a priority for our team to provide the best customer service, professionalism, and to build land and maintain quality customer relationship. This job involves customer service and in person sales and marketing to business owners.

PrimeTime is a sales and marketing firm, located in Houston, TX. We are a firm that specializes in marketing and sales for some of the most exciting and well-known companies in the world today. Plain and simple -- By having one on one marketing presentations, we have continuously achieved dramatic results for clients both large and small from many industries.

Our overall sales approach is unique and innovative, allowing us to achieve a success rate unmatched by other sales and marketing strategies.

By enhancing brand loyalty, we bring our clients increase revenue and long-term success. This has afforded us explosive growth within a highly competitive industry.

Please use the APPLY NOW button on this ad or contact our HR Team at: 281-501-3500

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