Would you like to change your job, just to make more money? Then this is it!!!
If you can talk to people, and have a smile doing so, then you will succeed with our company.
If you need flexible hours then you have found it.
If you like to work by yourself then you have found it.

We supply training, great flexible hours- up to 30 hrs per week.
All we ask is you present our product, sell our product, then provide great customer service.

I have been thru alot of people that say they can, but the ones that can make big money. Up to $80.00 hr.
This is a tipped position, so it is hard to pinpoint exactly what you will make each day. The average is about $25.00 hr./ every hour - every week- every year. our best make $50.00 ave. hourly pay. Payday is each week.

We do not require a high school diploma or college credits. Just a desire to succeed. Most of our techs have been with us an ave. of 5 years. This is a great job- don't pass it up. Just send in some info on yourself and a cell phone number for a call back.

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