Job Summary:

Review customer provided information for completeness and accuracy. Interface with customer to fill in any missing information and generate a "Scope of Work". Determine the Bill of Material and get

current vendor pricing and availability, estimate labor hours and associated costs, customer relationship, and generate formal quotation for customer.

Essential Functions:

< Review customer provided specifications, drawings, wiring diagrams, schematics.
< Interface with customer on any unknowns or additional information required for an accurate bid.
< Generate a written "Scope of Work" to be performed.
< Generate a Bill of Material, if not provided and get price and availability.
< Calculate estimated labor hours for fabrication, paint, assembly and wiring. Including required engineering time for engineering and programming.
< Generate formal quotation and discuss project with sales on profit margin prior to sending bid to customer.
< Adhere to policies and procedures.

Other Functions:
< Review past projects for history of costing.
< Follow-up with customers to capture quoted work.
< Attend Sales and other essential company meetings.

Job Qualifications:
Knowledge, Skill & Ability
< Required Knowledge of: Metal Fabrication, Electrical Components, Assembly and Wiring.
< PLC hardware and software.
< Four years experience estimating, costing, customer service and sales is required.
< Basic computer skills required. Knowledge of windows based programs, excel, & word.

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