General Manager
Job Description: On-Site in Brooklyn
Building Type: Coop

Physical Plant:
Daily updates with the Superintendent/Resident Manager, discuss building needs and address and follow up all

concerns in regard to the Physical plant as well as staff, shareholder, vendors and Government agencies
Building staff supervision, including write up and termination.
Working with the Realty Advisory Board, RAB and the Union, 32B-J.
Monitor operating system maintenance, track and obtain mandatory license and permits.
Walk the site on a weekly basis and address the issues and follow up until completed, including
Site safety: Priority issues: inspection of gas lines, sidewalks, boilers, common area, stairways.
Surveillance system: upgrade and monitor that they are working.
Staff Meeting: seasonally for each site
Planning ahead for CAP EX projects as well as implementation, including working with engineers/architects, specs, bid and project management of the entire project from start to finish both on site and tracking and processing payment.
Drop off payroll every week, pick up on site mail.

Work with the budget analysis to create a working budget. Design and implement cost control, review and sign off on monthly financial statements. Track and ensure payment of A/P. Monitor budget various. Create custom reports in accordance with best practices. Create a maintenance plan of action. Monitor the operating account. Work closing with the investment dept. Transfer funds to pay CAP EX expenses. Work with the investment team to ensure the best bank rate for reserve funds. Work with the Refinance Department to refinance the current mortgage from start to end. Work with the various depts. In accounting such as Escrow deposit and returns, monitoring and paying down the mortgage, Monitoring and paying down the LOC. Work with the lease department to ensure that proper money is being collected. Monitor all A/R. Monitor, track arrears, post late fees, make collection calls, and send out signed monthly arrears letters.

Board of Directors:
Speak and visit Board Presidents in some cases SEVERAL times a day. 24 hour response. Work alongside to ensure that their vision is my vision and it is carried out. Report all building activities. Update daily on staff, financials, and project.
Schedule monthly meeting: Create an agenda, management report, backup prior to the board meeting. Draft the minutes, draft a To Do List, track, complete and follow up until the end.
Annual meeting: ensure compliance, proof of mailing, secure venue, collect proxy, coordinate the support staff, check over the check list, attend the meeting, be prepared to address issues, take minutes. Make the Board look good. Have the All State attitude, you are in good hands and show and lead that way.

General: Office Support Staff

Oversee, create and manage the on-site office. Work closely with other support staff. Manage expectations to a higher standard. Work on getting others the information they need in order to get their job done. Respect all depts. And work closely so they understand the importance of their role. Follow up on all requests. Set a goal and help them manage it.

Work within the preferred circle of vendors. Work on getting the best buying power. Ensure that the vendor understands the needs of the client as well as the client budget. Make sure all are in compliance.

Alteration Agreement, Collect fees, collect mandatory documentation. Review the plans, clear understanding of the plans, report the renovation to the board, and describe the renovation to the board. Work with the coop architect, the shareholder, the shareholder architect, and the various vendors. Inspect the unit prior to the renovation; inspect the unit during renovation and final inspection. Work alongside with the superintendent. Track and monitor the project along with the completion date. Fine anyone that is not in compliance.

Emergency Response:
Available 24/7 to manage the building especially in an emergency.

Send out massive written Notices for all building activities throughout the year. Create a building wide email address. Email blast along with delivered notice.

To proactively manage the sites and avoid the bigger problem. Customer service is a must. Be a team player, help out fellow agents, and support staff. Stay educated. Be on the cutting edge. Provide accurate and update information. Manage each site as if you live in it.

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