Harvest - Trimmer - Packager

-Support/ Key Badge Needed.
-21+ need to work in the industry.
- 12$ an hour.
- 30-day probation period.

Experience not required. Willing to train new comers to industry. Looking for punctual hard-working individual that has energy and momentum to gain a meaningful career with us. We are one of the Larger Marijuana companies. Much room for growth if you have the will power to gain it.

Duties include but are not limited to:

Harvesting: standing for long periods of time. Weighing Whole plant, breaking down plant, removal of fan leaf's. Weighing of Bud and Stem. Hanging of stem and Bud. Cleaning of pots, carts and Grow trays. Mopping of floors. Maintaining cleanliness and Health of grow.

Trimming/ Shucking: Pulling down Bud and Stem for separation. Weighing of both stem and bud. Setting up for Green Bros.

Packaging: Taring of scale, Confirmation of weight on package. Accuracy of unit. Will package for grams, eights, Oz's.

Please contact Ryan.

Thank you.

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