A practice is only as good as its perio program, and a perio program is only as good as its dentist and hygienist that stick to it. We understand this, and we
want hygienists that understand this as well! Hygienists with Perfect Teeth work an accelerated (double column) and non-accelerated (single column) schedule, depending on the practice. We want hygienists who:

* Want to work and get paid! Our average FT hygienist earns $75k/year!
* Greet every patient with a warm introduction, a smile, and a THANK YOU for coming to our office!
* Create positive patient relations
* Are gentle and empathetic for our patients
* Record medical and dental histories
* Full mouth probe on every patient
* Perform risk factor assessments
* Perform hygiene assessments, diagnosis, caries prevention, and treat periodontal disease
* Educate patients on proper oral care
* Polish, floss, and administrate local anesthetic
* Administer adjunctive therapies including but not limited to fluoride treatments, locally applied antibiotics, irrigation, and Arestin
* Are able to perform scaling and root planning and perio maintenance
* Conduct work in compliance with office policies and procedures, safety, OSHA, and MSDS guidelines

Job Requirements:

* Graduate from an accredited dental hygiene school followed by successful completion of the National and State Boards
* Local anesthesia certification
* Must excel in customer service
* Able to multitask
* Must enjoy what you do!

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