The IT Manager is a cross department support position that requires SQL Programming. Great Jack of all trades position!

Can you build servers, PC's, program in SQL, some .Net? Then

this is your next job.

The primary function of this position is to keep the company information systems available, updated, and secure; though there is a significant management aspect in keeping IT aligned with business goals and providing IT related resources for users.

1. HELP DESK: Oversee all helpdesk requests
* Respond to helpdesk issues promptly. Resolve issues in a timely manner with appropriate levels of communication to the affected users.
* Implement and maintain a system for tracking help desk requests by department.
* Maintain positive working relationships with all team members.

2. INTERNAL SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT: Oversee IT systems equipment and configuration
* Maintain all servers, workstations, and network equipment.
* Follow company policy for timing of upgrades and equipment replacement.
* Maintain backups of data, follow company policy for backup data retention.
* Maintain and implement access control policies.
* Build and maintain relationships with vendors and manage the purchase of hardware and software products.

3. TELEPHONY: Oversee company telephone system equipment and configuration
* Maintain all telephony equipment, including desk phones.
* Follow company policy for timing of upgrades and equipment replacement.
* Oversee all phone system configuration, including call routing, voicemail, and call queues.
* Build and maintain relationship with phone system vendor and manage the purchase of equipment and licenses.

4. SOFTWARE SYSTEMS: Oversee company software configuration
* Build and maintain relationships with software systems vendors and manage the purchase of support contracts, licenses, and upgrades.
* Become familiar with all software systems in use and understand the features, admin functions, and configuration options.
* Assist department managers in evaluating potential software solutions.
* Assist department managers in implementing software systems and training users.
* Develop training and support resources for users.
* Work with department managers to develop reports for business analysis.
* Maintain Company Website.
* Create users and manage Security access to the Accounting Software.

* Develop and implement technical standards to maximize compatibility, stability, and quality of IT systems, for both hardware and software.
* Initiate and implement improvements in all areas of IT responsibilities.
* Based on upper-management direction, maintain a balance between emerging technologies with a competitive advantage vs stable and proven technologies.
* Identify and provide information on all areas of IT systems use and provide to company management for analysis.

* Deliver informative and well organized presentations on potential solutions.
* Keep department managers well informed of changes to IT systems.
* Effectively explain IT related information to less technical management team members.
* Maintain open channels and quick response times, especially during high stress situations.

* Motivated to learn the construction industry and its industry specific technology.
* Dedicated to continually upgrading skill set.
* Willing to become proficient with the many software solutions currently in place.

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