Part-time position as a support person for a 35 year old young man with autism desiring to live a meaningful and ordinary, yet extraordinary, life. This young man lives in his own house in central Denver, but needs ongoing support to have the fully rich life he envisions for himself, with friends, food, and musical and recreational outings. He also has a business selling tshirts with his poetry on them.
Bright, insightful people with open hearts and minds are encouraged to apply. Maturity, integrity and the demonstrated ability to work constructively as a team are critical. Energy, enthusiasm, flexibility and a sense of humor a must. Problem-solving ability and a willingness to learn are also necessary components for this work.
Below provided by Chris, (young man with autism) in response to "What are you looking for in caregivers?" Very fun jeerfree great fast heart desires great people to live together with me in my vast house. Wax free, fearless awesome vast jeerfree people. desire heart open very much, vast badass xtra free vast safe hearts; xtra mean people sad; get vast friendly people to jeer free home; want peaceful people in my peaceful killer house."!
This is a part-time position, working within a team of five staff, with similar hours, covering each 7-day week. These are 25 hour shifts. There are currently two open positions for alternate Thursdays and Fridays at 11am to 12pm the next day.
Assistance with personal care, cooking, laundry and dressing is required.
The team includes individuals with varied skills and interests, coinciding with Chris's. Interests in people, reading, writing, poetry, music, technology, computer and website skills, recreation, especially swimming and walking. Obviously, not each member will have all of these skills, but the goal is to have a team where all of these skills are represented amongst the members.
The ability to easily facilitate conversations and experiences between the man being supported and others is a necessity. All team members should be able to be comfortable being uncomfortable, not all the time, but some of the time.
Must have own transportation and be a non-smoker. $15/hour
Please send your resume and letter of interest to Anne
All inquiries MUST be accompanied by a resume and letter of interest for a response.

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