I am looking for a few employees to help keep my industrial plant clean. This job consists of sweeping and shoveling, or standing in front of a conveyor picking pieces of metal, for long hours. It is not glorious work, but it is consistent, year round, full time, every day. I am offering 7+ hours of overtime each week. In addition to consistent overtime, I provide full health benefits after 90 days, paid vacation after 1 year, and paid holidays after 60 days. I am also trying out a new bonus program, $1000. I can explain the details of the bonus when I call to set up the interview. It is a dirty job, and long hours. If you have a flat tire once a week, you're sick every other day, can't find a baby sitter, can't get out of bed early, or just don't want to work hard, please don't apply. This job starts at 3 pm, and goes until 1 am, yes that is an 10 hour day, but if you work all week, Friday is almost all overtime. Is there room to advance? Yes, if you can hack it for a few months doing the hard jobs, have a good attitude, and show team spirit, I will look to move you into some of our better paying positions. Email me your resume, or just an Email with your name and phone number. I will call you to explain more in depth what we do, and what I am looking for. We participate in E-Verify. Looking forward to meeting you. 

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