Green Mountain Harvest is Colorado's oldest and first cleared and compliant cannabis harvest and trim company in Colorado since 2010. GMH is hiring new employees to start next week. Please send your
resume and copy of your MED badge. Once we have this we will contact you.
Come join our GMH family and enjoy this growing cannabis industry.

GMH also has a Trimmer Training School for those who want to get their foot in the cannabis industry door. GMH can only hire commercially trained trimmers. However the good news is that GMH has a Trimmer Training School in Denver. You will get 5 days of trimmer training on wet and dry cannabis at different locations. The cost is $250.00. You will receive daily progressive reports and a certificate once you have completed the school. You must have a Colorado State MED Badge to work in the industry. Our goal is to hire our trimmer training folks. Thanks so much.

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