Full Service Bicycle in Lakewood, Colorado is hiring experienced professional bicycle mechanics and suspension technicians now. We are not currently looking for entry-level positions. Competitive pay and professional workplace environment. Do you comprehend and pick up well on similar service procedures because you have good mechanical aptitude, organizational and quality control methods? Are you clean, neat, punctual, motivated and ready to make an employment improvement by working in the cleanest and most organized customer service oriented bicycle repair shop that you have ever experienced? Tired of being bounced back and forth up into sales when you are working on a service ticket? We are a busy high-quality shop focused on service and repair. Tired of working all weekend? We are closed on Sundays. Interested in a refreshing change from what the old bicycle shop business model has become? Then we are looking for you. If you have what it takes to excel working as a team member sharing similar goals for exceptional bicycle and customer service, we would like to hear from you today! 

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