The Occupational Therapist plans and conducts rehabilitative occupational therapy programs to help patients improve/increase muscle strength and coordination, visual perception and self-care skills.


  1. Evaluates patient’s
    capabilities through visual observation, review of patient’s charts, patient discussion within multi-disciplinary treatment team, and by administering various standard tests, determines upper extremity range of motion, muscle strength, coordination, level of sensation and perceptual abilities, self-care abilities, mental capacity and physical tolerance.
  1. Plans treatment programs to meet each patient’s individual needs/treatment goals, i.e., strengthening and muscle re-education, perceptual training, homemaking/daily living training, which will enable the patient to function more independently.
  2. Provides occupational therapy treatment, i.e., teaches daily living skills, assists patients with individual exercise program, provides tactile experiences, and exercises designed to stimulate the central nervous system and assist in developing fine motor coordination and perception skills.
  3. Fabricates individual hand splints to improve patient’s functional use of the hand.
  4. Documents patient progress in clinical medical charts.
  5. Participates in interdisciplinary team discussions of patient’s response to treatment/progress and the planning and/or modification of treatment plans.
  6. Assists in agency Quality Improvement monitoring & analysis.
  7. Keeps abreast of developments in the OT field and incorporates approved developments in treatment plan.
  8. Provides patient and family with information, support and encouragement which may help them to adopt attitudes and practices that promote health and reduce anxiety and tension; assists the family/patient in accepting appropriate medical, hospital, nursing home, welfare, or other necessary care; interprets the extent/limitations of available services; arranges referrals and communicates pertinent patient/family information to the agency upon request.

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