Our office in Broomfield is seeking an office assistant to join our team.
Fast paced environment!

Daily duties include:
Answering the phone
Helping customers at the counter
Managing staff schedules
Keeping our

office clean and organized
Communicate with staff and deliver messages

Must have stellar computer skills
Know how to use Excel and Word
Not afraid of learning new software
Good at problem solving
You are able to mulit-task
You take notes so you don't forget
You're great with customers
You are capable of receiving constructive criticism
You are eager to learn and strive to improve
We are happy to train you but you have to be trainable
You have excellent work ethics
You are reliable and you come to work on time
You take pride in your appearance and you understand professionalism
No body art or piercings or funny hair colors
You must have completed high school

If this is you, please email us with your resume.
Introduce yourself and tell us about you and what you can do
to help organize our office. Share your skills with us.
When are you available to start?

Our office is open until 8PM. You'll be closing sometimes.
Make sure you live close by.
If you live down south, you are not being realistic.

We look forward to hearing from you!