We are looking for a skilled Machine Operator to perform a set of tasks using machinery. You will be responsible for setting up, operating and maintaining various machines to ensure the

interminable and efficient running of production.

A great machine operator is reliable and able to work with attention to detail and safety standards. On-the-job training is a good way to discover how to do the job better, so the ideal candidate will have willingness to learn and improve. Being a team player is essential since all tasks will require close collaboration with co-workers.

The goal will be to ensure that production procedures will be carried on smoothly to maximize efficiency and profits.

Relo assistance is available for qualified applicants!


  1. Verify and prepare repackaging material and equipment for production run.
  2. Responsible for leading packaging machine set up/ changeovers for production runs. This includes following work instructions for equipment set up/ changeovers and following all work standards and SOPs. Is capable at this level to identify and resolve issues during set up and change overs
  3. Responsible for operating packaging equipment, including troubleshooting and making adjustments in accordance with work standards. Responsible for following escalation protocol in a timely manner when troubleshooting efforts fail. Is considered the SME (subject matter expert) operator for the production room assigned in ensuring production goals are met.
  4. Responsible for repackaging raw material into finished product (blister packages or bottles) that are within packaging specifications and meet all quality standards.
  5. Responsible for working alongside of maintenance when escalation to maintenance support is needed for a mechanical issue. Ability to diagnose and resolve mechanical issues with equipment at the entry maintenance mechanic level

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