We are looking for great team members for our beautiful Glendale location. We have immediate availability for the following positions:

Pizza Cook
Sandwich Cook
Dishwasher/Guest Attendant

Apply in one of two easy

1. Apply online at: https://modmarket.compeatonboard.com/jobs/110
2. Visit our store Mon-Fri between 2-5pm for an immediate interview!

About Modmarket:
We serve real food, which means using whole ingredients (things like whole grain flour, raw vegetables, fruits, legumes. . .you get the idea). We also incorporate real butter (gasp!) and quality meats and cheeses in our recipes. And we cook it all the way it was done hundreds of years ago -- raw, grilled, or cooked in a stone hearth oven. We avoid things like preservatives and artificial sweeteners and keep our ingredient lists short and sweet. We make things from scratch, which is a total pain, but it makes our food taste better. Modmarket seeks to change your expectation of what a $10 meal can be. We like eating nutritious, farm fresh food in a nicely appointed environment and we bet you do too!

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