LifeHealth Corporation is looking for phlebotomists for wellness events in the Denver metro and Castle Rock area.

Do you have a passion for community health? We are looking for great phlebotomists

to help us out at health fairs and health screening events on a p.r.n. basis. We perform health screenings and administer flu shots and immunizations to a wide variety of clients. The screenings we perform range from the most basic (blood pressure, lipid panels, BMI) to the more specialty screenings, including bone density, spirometer and dermanalysis.

We provide online training prior to their first event. All supplies, vaccine, and paperwork will be provided by the company. Phlebotomist pay range $18-20/hr based on experience. Travel time and mileage reimbursed.

LifeHealth, based in the Denver, Colorado area, is a recognized leader in health and wellness screenings and health education. A woman- and veteran-owned small business, LifeHealth brings a new level of professionalism to employer-sponsored wellness programs, on-site health screenings, and healthcare cost containment. See our website