A Recruitment Technology Administrator at Pontoon spends their day figuring out how to make applying for jobs a painless process. Do you like tinkering with tools and programs and solving problems

in a non-obvious way? Do you approach everything in your life with an eye towards how it can be better? Are you looking to have a major impact in a big company while learning a ton about a fascinating industry and work to solve the hiring challenges of major companies?

Sounds good but you don’t have any experience with HR and Recruitment? Great! Fresh perspectives are exactly what we are looking for. But anybody who will excel in this position should have a solid understanding of some of the problems with today’s job application process (likely from personal experience!) and be willing to bring unique and innovative ideas for improvement to the table.

Somebody who would love this job probably also loves:

Keeping up to date with the latest technology trends

Sharing their passion with those around them

Learning new things

Figuring out additional applications for really cool stuff already on the market

Juggling multiple tasks and shifting from one project to the next really quickly

What will you actually be doing:

Researching platforms inside and outside of the HR Technology space for use in our programs

Working with startups and larger companies on configuring and implementing new technologies across our client base

Managing full technology implementations for new clients

Optimizing our existing technologies to keep or process as streamlined as possible

Helping to develop our technology roadmap based on the needs of our clients and the demands of the job market

Helping to conduct tools and trainings for new tools and platforms that we already use today

Help with general tech support for our program teams