Dynamic Colorado Roofing Company looking for Professional Salespeople. . . Up to 70% commission.

Are you working for a company that appreciates your hard work and pays you what you are

really worth? Are you getting paid on time or do jobs and your pay get dragged out for months? We invite you to come work for the company that offers unparalleled benefits to sales people in the industry. We built our company with our sales people at the forefront and with the understanding that sales people are our most important assets. All of our processes, commissions, and benefits cater to this belief. We are now looking for great experienced salespeople to join our team, that share the same vision that we do. Because we understand the difficulties and frustrations that come with sales in this industry, we developed processes and pay plans to "fix" most the shortcomings of this industry so our sales people have the SUPPORT they need to succeed and excel. If you are a driven, motivated, successful sales person interested in working for the roofing company of the future that will help you become even more successful rewarding you with unparalleled pay and benefits, than we might be the perfect match.

What we are looking for:

• Proven, successful and motivated sales person
• Excellent communication skills
• Clean cut, professional
• High Integrity and reliability
• Great organization skills
• Physical ability to climb ladders and inspect roofs

What We Offer:

• Honesty and Integrity
• Open book policy
• Amazing pay plans with flexibility to fit your needs
• In house adjuster
• The ability to get jobs done quickly
• We handle Ordering, Scheduling, Invoicing, and Supplements.
• BBB A+ rating
• Satellite Measurements
• AccuLynx Management Software
• Performance based bonuses and benefits

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