Talent Acquisition - Entrepreneurial Manufacturing Company


Compensation will be tailored to the ability level, determination, raw talent, and experience of the applicant.

We're simply looking for the right motivated, talented, energetic,

and intelligent candidate that we can hire and train to be successful in this role. This is a fast tracked role with tremendous upward mobility!

AG, Inc. "The Airseeder Guys" - Broomfield, CO

We're a successful entrepreneurial company that has grown from 15 to now 120 employees in the past 15 months. We specialize in innovative manufacturing for US farmers. Through experience, talent, and American ingenuity, we provide farmers with the longest lasting parts on the market and use well designed maintenance strategies to help their equipment last 3-4x longer before breaking down, reduce equipment downtime and servicing costs, and improve the overall performance of their equipment much higher than they come from the original manufacturers.

We're Looking for More Talent!

Building a strong team of like-minded, energetic, focused, and hardworking members is what has allowed us to grow so successfully.

We're in a growing market and looking to find the right people to help take our company to the next level of success.

We are looking to fill more positions to work full time in talent acquisition. We offer a fun, energetic, and fast paced professional environment. We're seeking someone with a great attitude and willingness to work hard at helping organize within our fast moving operation.

Our team believes in the success of our company, making a positive impact in the agricultural and manufacturing communities, and works hard to see our company's vision and goals through to completion on a daily basis. We don't promise the top paying salary and benefits package for your talent. What we do offer is the opportunity to grow your career from where it's at now to a new level by being on the ground floor of an entrepreneurial company's growth. We all commit our passion, time, and energy into working as a team to make our company something truly great.

If all of this resonates with you and you feel ready to make a serious team commitment, then keep reading through this application!

The person we're looking for is someone who can quickly asses the character, integrity, and cultural fit of an individual. Culture is VERY important to us! In order to be able to recruit people for this company, you will need to understand the company and the people that work here.

You will be responsible for filling the staffing needs of our company to ensure stable and continuous growth!

Frequent activities will include:

* Creating intriguing job ads that draw in the right talented, motivated, and confident individuals!
* Conducting interviews via phone, then live face to face interviews.
* Generating assessments for qualified applicants that are potentially a good fit.
* Passing your assessments and final recommendations to team managers.
* Carrying out several responsibilities typical to an HR role.

Your greatest assets to success will be maintaining good communication and bringing a positive attitude with you every day!

We are a fast growing team, and we are looking for talented individuals ready to join with us and take our company to the next level of success and innovation.

If you are interested in applying, please fill out our online application:


Courtney Thompson
Talent Acquisition, AG, Inc.
520 Zang St. #221
Broomfield, CO 80021