Job Summary:

CEMEX is building the future and a foundation for talented entry level professionals. The goal of the Talent Development Program is to develop leaders of tomorrow to

support the future business growth of CEMEX. By combining responsible and important job assignments with a formal learning by doing approach, the Talent Development Program provides a foundation of knowledge and experience for a long, successful career in CEMEX. 

As a Talent Development Professional you can expect a challenging, yet rewarding experience where you will spend approximately 12 months in the Concrete Pipe talent tower:

1.    Learning to be a subject matter expert through hands-on work experience guided by professionals in your field

2.    Developing as a leader in a cutting edge organization by receiving leadership training instructed by world renowned experts

3.    Achieving both your personal and professional aspirations of growing, changing, and performing in a successful organization 

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be placed in a position based on their skills and career goals, as well as the company's needs.  Examples of positions that Professionals in Development have taken upon completion of the program include: Production Supervisors, Safety Coordinator, Quality Control Coordinator, just to name a few.   Essential Duties / Responsibilities:
  • Acquire specific knowledge on the practices of core and support areas
  • Acquire a sense of global business
  • Learn through observation and hands-on experience
  • Participate in assigned projects in each rotation and present on findings/progress
  • Obtain a network of contacts and resources
  • Present continuous improvement ideas
  • Develop technical and managerial skills
  Physical Requirements / Working Conditions:
  • Long periods of standing and/or walking required.
  • Some exposure to dust, noise, and extreme temperatures.
  • Ability to lift up to 20 lbs.

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