POSITION TITLE: Senior Payroll Specialist
REPORTS TO: Director of Human Resources

The Senior Payroll Specialist is responsible for weekly payroll processing for all locations in the US and Canada.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Enters payroll data such as garnishments, vacation time, insurance and all other deductions.
• Reviews and reconciles credit card tips vs actual amount being paid to employees.
• Reviews payroll journals prior to processing for assigned venues
• Contacts various Managers for any missed times or tips.
• Conduct payroll audit on Avero vs Payroll sheet and report findings
• Troubleshoot issues with tip logs and payroll sheets
• Liaison with accounting department regarding at credit or debit discrepancies

Other Duties
• Tracks and documents vacation time, sick time and keep management informed.
• Files employee paperwork in designated area
• Obtains and conveys information as needed
• Informs Director of Human Resources of any significant problems
• Responsible for being informed of federal, state and local statutes involving payroll compliance.
• Performs other related duties as required and assigned

• Bachelor's degree and prior work-related experience preferred
• Previous experience in the restaurant/hospitality industry a plus

Knowledge and Skills:
• Excellent Oral and Written Communication Skills
• Accurate and attentive to detail
• Ability to assist and support others
• Professional and well organized
• Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office products especially Excel.

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