Warehouse Job Description
The primary function of this position is to expedite the incoming and outgoing freight including: receiving, stocking, pulling, staging, loading and shipping freight. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated
with good organizational skills. They will be functionally literate and capable of understanding and recognizing part numbers accurately and rapidly. Basic written and verbal communication skills (documentation, communication with peers, supervisors and customers) as well as good general math skills are a requirement.

Must be functionally literate and capable of understanding and recognizing part numbers in numeric and alphanumeric sequence accurately and rapidly for placing parts in their proper locations.
Must have a high school diploma or general education degree (GED)
Must be able to move product with moving aids designed to move such items including; hand trucks, pallet jacks, and carts provided for moving product.
Must maintain performance standards and keep errors at an acceptable level.
Must have good vision for accurate identification and handling of part numbers, etc.
Must put parts in correct locations
Must stock parts in locations neat and orderly.
Must meet necessary time frame for assigned deadlines.
When stocking or checking in parts must make sure the packaging is customer acceptable
Must be good at general math.
Must be physically capable of lifting cartons and parts up to 80 lbs. and parts and pallets of much greater weight with moving aids and/or support help as routine throughout the day.
Must have physical ability to bend, squat, and reach floor level and overhead shelves for stocking and stacking as routine throughout the day.
Must be capable of working on feet (stand and/or walk) for their assigned work shifts.
Must stack freight in a secure and safe manner.
Must be able to follow verbal and written instructions.
Must maintain an acceptable attendance record.

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