Auto Hail Repair Salesperson.

Hail Inc. / Altitude Hail and collision Is a Local and trusted Paintless Dent Repair company. We provide catastrophic hail repair services for customers affected by the frequent and disrupting Hail storms that hit Denver and surrounding areas. We provide a 'no cost' repair option for properly insured customers to complete repairs and take on the burden of negotiating the best claim thru thier insurance company. We provide rental cars when needed and have a contract with hertz and Enterprise that guarantees availability same day for our customers.

Our salespeople are basically presenting a WIN/WIN/WIN proposal 100% of the time
the customer wins.
you win
the shop wins
everybody wins.
winning is fun and lucerative.

General job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

*QUALIFY / Engages with prospects to identify and qualify need customers.

*PITCH AND PRESENT / Provides information about our company and services offered. educates and advises customers of thier options and provides next steps

*CLOSE / Gains committment from the customer, Schedules repair. completes Work authorization, Coordinates Rental vehicle when needed.

*FOLLOW-UP sold and un-sold customers daily. Provides regular updates and maintains relationship thruout repair process to effect repeat and referral business. Follows un-sold prospects until they "buy or die."

*PROSPECT DAILY / Uses all available avenues to seek-out, make contact and engage as many qualifies prospects as possible. This is MAJORITY of focus and time spent in this position.

*REFERRAL / Utilyzes personal and professional networks to gain referral business.

*LOG YOUR EFFORTS / Maintains accurate and timely sales and prospecting log. collect ALL pertinent Client contact, Policy, vehicle information. Reports daily activity, wins / losses with management. holds post-mortem on missed deals.

*PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE / Attends required training and Quickly becomes knowledgable in our industry, customers hot buttons and concernes, our company, our services offered and repair and insurance processes related to the profession.

*This position requires an exceptional amount of public engagement. parking lots, car washes, door to door sales.
residential and business to business. if you cannot get comfortable randomly walking up to someone in a parking lot and presenting on demand, this may not be the right position for you.

*This is a full time commissioned sales position.
*Training is provided on all required responsibilities. New hires receive TRAINING PAY for the first 30 days.
*Our business is operated with integrity, We value our team and have a culture of honesty, growth and support

Hail Sales is an outside sales position that affords TIME FREEDOM to a disciplined and organized sales professional. income is potentially exceptional for a strong producer.

It requires a dynamic, presentable, well spoken, energetic, personable salesperson.

It requires Tenacity. I cannot emphasize enough, the amount of effort required to succeed consistently is monumental. We are only interested in Highly motivated individuals

Guys and Gals can succeed equally at this, but you must be able to walk for several hours, be on your feet for extended periods of time and handle all kinds of outside weather conditions.

Must have a current DL / insurance, reliable transportation and a smart phone.

It just Hailed in Denver last week. NOW is the time to learn and earn. Apply today by sending your resume
or call and lets set up an interview.

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