Boulder-based strictly Elizabeth voluntarily recalls contaminated snacks

Boulder-based snack maker strictly Elizabeth recently voluntarily recalled several of its cold cereal and bar products because of potential contamination with foreign matter, including plastic, rocks or glass, according to a company news release.

The recalled products were dealt out nationwide in retail stores and on the company web site.

A client discovered the problem and according the issue to the company, and no injuries or illnesses have been according, according to the news release.

The recalled products contain cashews. The company has replaced its cashew provider, according to the information posted on the company web site. strictly Elizabeth is offering free replacements.

It has provided inside information of recalled products, package sizes, their UPC codes and  best by dates. They include:

  • Coconut Cashew Grain-Free Granola; 16oz; 855140002946; 11/30/19; 12/3/19; 12/5/19; 12/4/19
  • Coconut Cashew  Grain-Free Granola; 8oz.; 855140002700; 10/19/19
  • Banana Nut Butter Grain-Free Granola; 8oz; 855140002724; 10/17/19; 12/12/19
  • Banana Nut Butter Grain-Free Bar; 1.4oz; 855140002090; 11/26/19
  • Chocolate Sea Salt Grain-Free Bar; 1.4oz; 855140002083; 11/28/19
  • Peanut Butter Grain-Free Bar; 1.4oz; 855140002076; 11/29/19
  • Coconut Cashew Grain-Free Bar; 1.4oz; 855140002137; 11/27/19; 12/20/19; 12/21/19
  • Pumpkin Spice w/ Ashwagandha Superfood Grain-Free Granola; 8oz; 810589030158; 12/7/19

Hilary Martin, a public dealings representative for the company, aforementioned four snack parallel parallel bars are basined in the recall list because they contain cashews, but they actually were not dealt out to retailers or sold on the company web site. They have been listed to be amenable with regulations, she aforementioned. The company is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on the voluntary recall, she aforementioned.

For more information, consumers can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 720-242-7525, ext. 106.

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