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Denver Rescue Mission is the oldest of Denver's facilities that offer assistance to the homeless. Denver Rescue Mission offers an overnight shelter for the homeless, serves 3-meals everyday, offers free laundry service as well as several other services for the homeless in Denver. Access to the Denver Rescue Mission is available to anyone but requires the individual requesting to enter the facility to have an identification card that the staff can provide at the front entrance. A photo is taken by staff at the front desk and is entered into a local database which is the identifier embedded in the card. ID card access ensures that every person that is restricted from the facility can not enter and example of this would be someone who hasn't been screened for tuberculosis. The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless in Denver assists with obtaining this free of charge and their mobile van can often be found right in front of the Denver Rescue Mission with a clipboard hanging from the front door. Anyone that wants to speak with the staff only needs to write their name on the paper attached to the clipboard and wait for their name to be called. Additionally, the Stout Street Clinic provides the tuberculosis test for walk-ins. Note: All services at the Stout Street Clinic are walk-in only except Dental, Mental Health, and Pediatrics.

Denver Rescue Mission address

1130 Park Ave West

Denver Rescue Mission phone number

(303) 294-0157

Denver Rescue Mission services

Meals for the homeless in Denver

 The Denver Rescue Mission is the only shelter for the homeless in Denver that offers three meals everyday. 

Laundry services in Denver

Laundry services for the homeless are available to the Denver Rescue Mission daily and free of charge


Stout Street Clinic

Stout Street Clinic address

Stout Street Clinic phone number

Other shelters for the homeless in Denver