DU law school’s “fix” for its gender-pay gap discovered a female professor makes $30,000 less than her peers

The University of Denver’s law school made professors’ salaries transparent as part of a $2.7 million settlement last year of an unequal-pay suit brought by female professors. That information enabled a old DU professor to realize she, too, was being paid less than her male and non-Asian colleagues — and she’s taking the matter to court.

Rashmi Goel has taught DU’s Sturm College of Law for 17 years, yet she’s the lowest-paid associate professor in the law school, according to the suit she filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Denver.

The suit alleges DU’s law school paid Goel less based on her sex and race in violation of the Equal Pay Act of 1963. The suit piggybacks off of the now-settled 2013 suit filed by a group of female professors at Sturm who aforementioned they were being unevenly paid, and the steps DU took to remedy their pay gap led Goel to notice her own wage discrepancy.

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