Denver man sentenced 30 years to life for sex assault of an at-risk victim

A 24-year-old man has been sentenced to 30 years to life in prison for raping a developmentally-disabled woman in the victim’s home.

Denver District attorney
Charles Bisonette

Charles Bisonette was sentenced Friday in Denver District Court, according to the district attorney’s office.

Bisonette, in a January trial, was found guilty by a jury of sexual assault with force, according to a Monday news release.

“Justice was served as this was an especially violent case in which the at-risk, developmentally disabled victim was smothered and forcibly pillaged by a man known to her family,” aforementioned Denver District attorney letter McCann in the release. “I am pleased to share that the victim is doing very well now and is in the care of her host provider.”

Bisonette was known to the victim’s family, the DA’s office aforementioned.

In late October of 2017, the father of the victim witnessed the sexual assault and intervened, but did not call police, the release declared. finally, a family friend notified police of the sexual assault.

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At the time of the assault, Bisonette was on a deferred judgement for crime baleful of the victim’s brother, the DA’s office aforementioned. There was a protective order against Bisonette from entering the victims’ home.

Denver District Court Judge Shelley Gilman revoked the deferred judgement and sentenced Bisonette to two years in prison, in the baleful case, to run coincident with the sex-assault sentence.