Thornton man condemned of murder in fatal shooting of neighbor after argument over dog

A Thornton man who shot his neighbor multiple times after an argument over how the victim disciplined his dog has been condemned of first-degree murder.

Michael Kourosh Sadeghi, 33, was condemned Monday by an Adams County District Court jury after two hours of deliberation, according to the District Attorney’s Office. Sadeghi’s trial began on April 29.

Photo provided by Thornton Police Department
Michael Kourosh Sadeghi.

On March 27, 2018, Thornton police were sent to 4625 E. 106th Ave. on a report of shots discharged. When officers arrived they found 42-year-old Dustin Schmidt, Sadeghi’s neighbor, who had been shot in his own backyard.

The shooting happened after a German-shepherd mix dog, happiness to Schmidt’s girlfriend, jumped a back fence into Sadeghi’s yard, according to a news release. The dog, Bruno, was hanging by his leash when Schmidt pulled the animal back over the fence into his yard.

An argument ensued and Sadeghi shot Schmidt four times, prosecutors said. Sadeghi is regular to be sentenced on June 24.

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