ID Card, Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards

Colorado ID Project 

The Colorado ID Project offers assistance to eligible low-income and senior Coloradans who need help gathering the documents needed to get a state ID, including birth certificates. The Project also assists in complex cases such as name changes, vouchers to cover the cost of ID, replacement of lost immigration or citizen documents, and delayed registrations of birth. There is no charge for these services. 

​​Organization Colorado ID Project
Colorado ID Project location 1905 Sherman St. #400, Denver, CO 80203
Colorado ID Project phone number ​​303-837-1313
​Colorado ID Project email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Colorado ID Project

SPECIAL UPDATE RE NEW APPLICATIONS AND ONGOING CASEWORK DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC Given the current pandemic, it is not possible for Colorado Legal Services to maintain business as usual. We will no longer be taking in-person applications for any legal matters, including our previous practice of interviewing ID applicants Wednesday mornings the Denver office. Applicants…

Additional places in Denver that assist individuals in obtaining documents such as identification, birth certificates, and social security cards. 

Stout Street Health Center 

​​Organization ​Stout St Health Center
​​Stout St Health Center location 2130 Stout St, Denver CO
​Stout St Health Center phone number ​​303-293-2220

Holy Ghost Catholic Church 

​​Organization ​Holy Ghost Catholic Church
​Holy Ghost Catholic Church location ​1900 California St, Denver CO
​Holy Ghost Catholic Church phone number 303-292-1556

St Francis Center 

​Organization ​St Francis Center
​​​St Francis Center location ​2323 Curtis St, Denver CO
​St Francis Center phone number ​303-297-1576

Denver Human Services 

​​Organization ​Denver Human Services
​​Denver Human Services location ​1200 Federal Blvd, Denver CO
​Denver Human Services phone number ​720-944-3666

Metro Caring

​​Organization Denver Metro Caring
​​Denver Human Services location 1100 E. 18th Ave. Denver, CO 80218
​Denver Human Services phone number 303-860-7200

Denver Metro Caring - Guide  

For Colorado-state ID, driver's license, and birth certificate requests, vouchers are available at Metro Caring​.

Out-of-State Birth Certificates 

​​Organization Colorado Legal Services
Colorado Legal Services location 1905 Sherman St. #400, Denver CO 80203
Colorado Legal Services phone number 303-837-1313
​Hours ​Wednesdays 8:30 a.m.
​​Organization Holy Ghost Ministries
Holy Ghost Ministries location 1900 California St., Denver CO 80202
Holy Ghost Ministries phone number 303-292-1556
​Hours ​Monday-Friday 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and 1 p.m. (Limited to the first 7 people in line each hour listed.)
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