Denver Art Gallery, Sunshine in Okinawa

Art Gallery in Denver - Seawall at the Ginowan Marina in Okinawa Denver Art Gallery, Seawall at the Ginowan Marina in Okinawa Japan. Photography by John Burgreen an artist and photographer in Denver Colorado.  Photography: Sunshine on the ocean in Okinawa Japan.

Denver Art Gallery, Yomitan Village

Art Gallery in Denver - Early Morning in Yomitan Village Denver art gallery photography of fisherman from a port in Yomitan Village, Okinawa Japan haul in the morning catch. Photographer and art gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Denver Art Gallery,

Art Gallery in Denver - Aerial Photography of Kudaka Island A high-resolution aerial photo of Kudaka Island in Okinawa Japan. A beautiful island in the South China Sea. Kudaka Island in the South China Sea of Okinawa Japan  Some people living on Kudaka Island in ...

Denver Art Gallery, Harvesting Sugarcane in Okinawa Japan

Art Gallery in Denver - Sugarcane harvesting in Yomitan Village An Okinawan man harvesting sugarcane in Yomitan Village, Okinawa Japan. Uji, or sugarcane, is the largest crop in Okinawa Prefecture. Brown sugar is made by boiling the juice squeezed from the sugarcane.