Denver Art Gallery, Daikoku Blessings in Okinawa Japan

Art Gallery in Denver - Blessings of the Daikoku god at RyuKyu Mura in Okinawa Ceremony with the Daikokuten (Daikoku Mask) God of Wealth, Farmers, Food, and Good Fortune at RyuKyu Mura in Okinawa Japan. Japanese Daikoku Mask, happy looking god of wealth, farmers, food and good fortune.

Denver Art Gallery, American Village in Okinawa

Art Gallery in Denver - American Village in Okinawa A view of the American Village area in Chatan Town, Okinawa Japan. American Village is near Camp Foster and Lester, two Marine Corps bases in Okinawa. In the image is the iconic Ferris wheel and Dragon Palace building.

Denver Art Gallery - The Real Spirit of Okinawa at RyuKyu Mura

Art Gallery in Denver - Dancing at RyuKyu Mura in Onna Village Denver Art Gallery, The Spirit of Okinawa photography from Ryykyu Mura in Onna Village, Okinawa Japan. Okinawan Obaasan dancing with an awamori bottle balanced on her head.

Denver Art Gallery, Okinawa Dragon Boat Race

Art Gallery in Denver - Dragon Boat Race at Yakena Port in Okinawa Dragon boat racing at Yakena Port in Okinawa Japan. Yakena port is near Hama-Higa island and Yonashiro Town. This is an annual matsuri (festival) in Okinawa Japan. Denver Art Gallery, Yakena Dragon Boat Race ...

Denver Art Gallery, Cape Zanpa

Art Gallery in Denver - Aerial view of the Cape Zanpa Lighthouse in Okinawa Denver Art Gallery: An aerial view of the Cape Zanpa Lighthouse and surrounding shoreline in Yomitan Village, Okinawa Japan. I shot this image in 2007 from a low flying Cessna out of Kadena Air Force Base.