Denver Art Gallery, Yomitan Village

Art Gallery in Denver - Early Morning in Yomitan Village Denver art gallery photography of fisherman from a port in Yomitan Village, Okinawa Japan haul in the morning catch. Photographer and art gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Denver Art Gallery, Sunset near Camp Butler in Okinawa Japan

Art Gallery in Denver - Sunset near Camp Butler in Okinawa Denver Art Gallery: The view of a beautiful sunset shot in Okinawa Japan near Camp Butler and an Okinawa expressway (ETC) overpass.

Denver Art Gallery, Shinto Priest in Okinawa Japan

Art Gallery in Denver - Shinto Priest Blessing Streets in Okinawa Jichinsai is a traditional ceremony conducted by a Shinto priest that asks the earth spirit for permission to use the grounds where the ceremony is performed. A Shinto priest blesses the streets in Okinawa Japan.

Denver Art Gallery - The Real Spirit of Okinawa at RyuKyu Mura

Art Gallery in Denver - Dancing at RyuKyu Mura in Onna Village Denver Art Gallery, The Spirit of Okinawa photography from Ryykyu Mura in Onna Village, Okinawa Japan. Okinawan Obaasan dancing with an awamori bottle balanced on her head.

Denver Art Gallery, Kokusai Dori Photography

Art Gallery in Denver - Kokusai Street in Naha Something's happening on Kokusai Street in Naha City, Okinawa Japan but I have no idea what this is.

Denver Art Gallery, Ie Island

Art Gallery in Denver - Okinawan Farmer on Ie Island An Okinawan farmer on Ie Island in Okinawa, Japan. Farmers on Ie Island produce sugarcane, peanuts, and “Ie Beef”. Visible in the distance is Mount Gusuku which is the symbol of Ie Island and was once used as a marker for ships sailing near the island.

Denver Art Gallery, Okinawan Lion Dance

Art Gallery in Denver - Shishi-mai in Okinawa City An annual shishi-mai (lion dance) competition being held in Okinawa, Japan. at the Okinawa City bullfighting ring. Photography by John Burgreen, a photographer in Denver, Colorado and former Art Director and Contributing Photographer to Okinawa Living Magazine, Okinawa Outdoors Magazine, U21 Magazi...

Denver Art Gallery, Sunabe Okinawa

Art Gallery in Denver - Sunset at Sunabe Seawall in Chatan Sunset at the Sunabe seawall behind Jusco in Chatan Town and American Village where Dragon Palace and the Ferris wheel are located. Sunset at a seawall near American Village in Okinawa Japan. Sunset at a seawall near American Village in Okinawa Japan.