Denver Art Gallery, Okinawan Lion Dance

Art Gallery in Denver - Shishi-mai in Okinawa City An annual shishi-mai (lion dance) competition being held in Okinawa, Japan. at the Okinawa City bullfighting ring. Photography by John Burgreen, a photographer in Denver, Colorado and former Art Director and Contributing Photographer to Okinawa Living Magazine, Okinawa Outdoors Magazine, U21 Magazi...

Denver Art Gallery, Ishigaki Island

Art Gallery in Denver - Sunset on Ishigaki Island A Denver art print of the sunset at the Northern lighthouse on Ishigaki island in the RyuKyu island chain (Okinawa Japan). Beautiful Denver Colorado art gallery print of Okinawan scenery and landscape fine-art photography print.

Handmade lion dog pottery from Okinawa, Japan.

Art Gallery in Denver - Handcrafted lion-dog face in Yomitan Village, Okinawa Japan Hand-made lion dog (komainu) pottery from Okinawa, Japan. Traditional Okinawan pottery in Murasaki Mura at the Yingmun Pottery Experience. The face of a Komainu, often called lion-dogs in English, created at Murasaki Mura in Yomitan Village, Okinawa Japan. https://d...

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