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Homeless Military Veterans 

The Homeless Programs Office’s strategic plan outlines its vision for the future and highlights the path to achieve the ambitious goal of ending homelessness among Veterans and their families. The plan includes six fundamental objectives and their associated strategies for the future.

​Veterans Administration addresses, phone numbers, and types of facilities that are available for homeless military veterans near Denver, Colorado. 

Although hard to get in touch with, the VA does have an entire section devoted to assisting homeless military veterans. These services and benefits the VA offers are generally attached to the Mental Health section of the hospital or clinic. Homeless military veterans are able to get referrals to local temporary or transitional shelters. The social worker or case manager is able to look up each homeless military veteran's "Grant Per Diem" record to see if they have been used. All military service-members (minus bad conduct discharge) rate three Grant Per Diem during their life. For the homeless military veteran this means that three times you are able to be taken off the streets instantly and given temporary shelter at an inspected and approved Grand Per Diem eligible facility. The duration of each Grant Per Diem referral is generally six-months but can be extended if necessary. This can vary depending on the facility and social worker but generally you can expect:

-Assistance getting documents
-Meals to be covered
-Resources for getting clothing
-Housing application assistance
-Assistance applying for benefits
-Scheduling for medical needs

Denver VA Medical Center 

​​Denver VA Medical Center address ​​1055 Clermont Street
Denver, CO 80220
​Denver VA Medical Center phone no ​​(303) 399-8020
​​Facility type ​​VA Health

York Street VA Clinic 

​​York Street VA Clinic address ​​3836 York Street
Denver, CO 80205
​York Street VA Clinic phone ​​(720) 326-3367
​​Facility type ​​VA Health

Denver Vet Center 

​​Denver Vet Center address ​​7465 East First Avenue
Suite B
Denver, CO 80230
​Denver Vet Center phone ​​(303) 326-0645
​​Facility type ​​Vet Center

Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center 

​​Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center address ​​7465 East First Avenue
Suite B
Aurora, CO 80230
​​Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center phone ​​(303) 399-8020
​​Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center Mental Health phone ​​(303) 399-8020 ( ext 5687)
​Facility Type​ ​VA Health​

Aurora VA Clinic 

​​Aurora VA Clinic address ​​13701 East Mississippi Avenue
Suite 200
Aurora, CO 80012
​​Aurora VA Clinic phone ​​(303) 398-6340
​​Aurora VA Clinic Mental Health phone ​​(303) 398-6387
​Facility Type​ ​VA Health​

Valor Point VA Domiciliary 

​​Valor Point VA Domiciliary address ​​​7350 West Eastman Place
Lakewood, CO 80227
​​Valor Point VA Domiciliary phone ​​(720) 376-6100
​​Facility Type ​​VA Health

Jewell VA Clinic 

​​Jewell VA Clinic address ​​​14400 East Jewell Avenue
Aurora, CO 80012
​​Jewell VA Clinic phone ​​(303) 283-5400
​​Facility Type ​​VA Health

Denver Regional Benefit Office 

​​Denver Regional Benefit Office address ​​​155 Van Gordon Street 
Lakewood, CO 80228
​​Denver Regional Benefit Office phone ​​(800) 827-1000
​​Facility Type ​​Benefits

Golden VA Clinic 

​​Golden VA Clinic address ​​​1020 Johnson Road
Golden, CO 80401
​​Golden VA Clinic phone ​​(303) 914-2680
​​Golden VA Clinic Mental Health phone ​​(303) 914-2680
​Facility Type​ ​VA Health​

Boulder Vet Clinic 

​​Boulder Vet Clinic address ​​​4999 Pearl East Circle
Suite 106

Boulder, CO 80301
​​Boulder Vet Clinic phone ​​(303) 440-7306
​​Facility Type ​​Vet Center

Loveland VA Clinic 

​​Loveland VA Clinic address ​​​5200 Hans Peak Drive
Suite 106

Loveland, CO 80538
​​Loveland VA Clinic phone ​​(970) 313-0027
​​Loveland VA Clinic Mental Health phone ​​(307) 778-7349
​Facility Type​ ​VA Health​

Volunteers of America Colorado 

​Volunteers of America Colorado address ​1247 Santa Fe Blvd
Denver, CO 80204
​​​Veterans Resource Manager ​​​​(720) 501-3367
​Facility Type ​Back Home - SSVF

Cherokee House 

The Cherokee House was an approved Grant Per Diem program for homeless military veterans that closed in 2015. Cherokee House was located inside of the Denver Cares facility at 16th & Cherokee Street in downtown Denver. Denver Cares is a Denver Health detox facility which is also home to the Denver Health TRT program which is similar to the Cherokee House but for non-military.  

Homeless Veteran PDFs

 The State of Veteran Homelessness

Veteran Families 

Homeless Veteran Events 


Military Veteran winter clothing giveaway and free lunch in Denver 

Betty Kuhl Coat Giveaway Luncheon​ at the Veteran Service Center in Denver, Colorado. This giveaway will also include a free lunch. The event is open to all military Veterans and their families.

Addressing PTSD and Homelessness Among Veterans 

The National Center for PTSD, Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), and National Center on Homelessness among Veterans are hosting an interactive Facebook Live event​.
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